Vintage Book Repair

Photo Albums, Historical and Biographical Books, Out of Print Novels, Children’s Books, Atlases, and Early Church Records (such as Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and so forth). Dague Bookbindery can repair and/or rebind damaged books, replacing spines and corners as desired using select materials of your choice. Spine and Front cover can be foil stamped for a fresh look, or the existing spine and covers can be incorporated for a more original look.


Magazine & Journals

Dague Bookbindery can consolidate your periodicals including your favorite magazines for professional journals into hardcover books. Each book would be foil stamped on the spine and the cover for easy reference. A wide range of materials and colors are available to suit your personality! Process includes collating, removal of ads (if so desired), binding, covering, and stamping.


Large Family Bibles

Return your deteriorating or damaged family bible bindings and covers into an attractive and usable family reference and treasure. Dague Bookbindery can create new leather spines, corners, and other customized features such as raised bands, ribbon markers, headbands, and a range of plain and decorative end sheets. Covers are treated and polished to help preserve the original materials.



Small Bibles & Devotional Books

Whether if it’s your personal hand-held bible, or other religious materials, Dague Bookbindery has you covered! We can reuse the original covers, if so desired, or customize a new, fresh cover using our range of materials. Pricing packages available, contact Dague Bookbindery today for more information!



Monthly Committee Reports & Official Board Minutes

Dague Bookbindery can archive your organization, local government, school district, and church meeting minutes/bulletins into quarterly, bi-annually, or annual hardcover books. Indicating organization name, month and year, and volume number. Additional information can be added if desired.


Dissertations & Theses

Preparing for the final stages of your research? We can do that! Either submit your electronic file, from which we can print, or your hardcopy research to us. Dague Bookbindery will bind and stamp your research documents while meeting the requirements of your educational institution. Shipping and pick-up is available, call for details.


Newspaper Archives

Dague Bookbindery can consolidate daily, weekly, or monthly newspapers into a permanent collection. Bound with hardcover, Stamped Spine referring to Publication Title and Month & Year.


Church Bulletins

Dague Bookbindery can take your weekly church bulletins and bind and create them into hard or flexible covered books for your church’s archives.


Personal Writings

Memoirs, Genealogies, Poetry & Manuscripts can be bound and created into books using hard or flexible covers. Dague Bookbindery can help you add that personal touch.


Cover Options


Genuine Leather – Cowhide

Genuine Leather – Pig Skin


Imitation Leather

Standard Cover – Buckram

Standard Cover – Cloth